For Handguns:

25 ACP

32 ACP

357 SIG

​357 Magnum

9mm Luger

9x18mm Makarov

44 Magnum
45 Long Colt
38 Special
380 ACP
45 ACP
​40 S&W

7.62X25 Tokarev
​And More..

aMMO Commonly stocked:

For Rifles:

22 LR
.223/5.56 x 45
5.45 x 39
7.62 X 54R
7.62 x 39
7.62 x 51(308)
7.65 x 53 Argentine
270 Weatherby
300 Weatherby
8MM Mauser
​And More..

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Far too many people take all those that sacrificed everything for us for granted, wake up America! -From AR-Ammo LLC

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 AR-Ammo will Always Carry Quality Ammunition, at Excellent prices for you. We Will Not Stock Ammo Just For The Sake Of Cheap Prices, AR-Ammo Tests All The Ammunition We Sell! 

If The Ammo Does Not Stack Up To Our Standards Of Quality And Consistency, AR-Ammo Will Not Carry The Brand!!!!!

At AR-Ammo, We can special order ammunition.
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AR-Ammo Has A Great Selection Of Home Defense Ammunition!

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