AR-Ammo is accepting  firearm transfers from other dealers, internet sales, or private citizens. The process is very easy if performed as follows. Just fill in some basic info on our form to get your transfer started....

1. Complete the sale and payment process with your seller.

a. All sale details are handled with seller including payment, tax, shipping charges - etc.

2. Give your seller our business name, email address, and phone number.

3. Seller confirms our business status.

a. In most cases the seller will contact us and request a copy of our Federal Firearms License. However in some cases the seller may ask you to do this for them.

b. To provide our information we need

i. Seller Name

ii. Seller Phone Number (Fax number optional)

iii. Seller Email address

iv. Your complete name, number, email, and phone number.

4. Seller will ship firearm(s) to our store.

a. Shipping tracking numbers come from seller.

b. Licensed dealers MUST include copy of FFL license with shipment.

c. Firearms from private citizens MUST include photo copies of legal photo identification documents such as driver’s license.

5. Items arrive at AR-Ammo.

a. If tracking your shipment, please allow 24 hours to receive and process your item.

6. We contact you by phone to schedule an appointment for transfer of your firearm.

7. You come to AR-Ammo. We help you with the federal and state firearm forms.

a. We charge a $45 per handgun, $35 per long gun transfer fee for handling ATF and DOJ paperwork, as well as conducting your background check for each firearm transferred. These fees are non refundable, even if your transfer is denied.

b. An additional $15 fee is charged by the State of Wisconsin DOJ if your item is a handgun.

Please note: Wisconsin state law  allows long guns and handguns to be transferred immediately with your successful background check

AR-Ammo is not responsible for warranty or conditional issues on transferred firearms....

Firearm Transfers